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Protecting Your Identity

November 24, 2020 in Past Headlines

Received a call from (202) 963-3838 (Washington DC number) claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. The person claimed to be following up on criminal investigation placed against my SSN. The person gave me her name, badge number, and case ID. She stated she had to cancel my SSN because of the charges that were pending and she was sending this information to my local Social Security Office for investigation. She wanted my last four and my date of birth to verify my identity. STOP: Do not provide any information. This is an Identity Theft call.

Call These Offices as soon as Possible and Create a Report.

Office of Attorney General 1-(800)-269-0271

Federal Trade Commission  1-(877)-438-4338

Trans-union (888)-909-8872 , and the other two Credit Agencies when you receive their information

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