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    Hello everyone, Vision Of Veterans is selling T-Shirts to raise money to fund the projects mentioned on our site. Please buy a shirt to support our veterans and their love ones. Currently we have gray shirts available. As soon as we get a response to have additional colors, they will be available for purchase. Please email…[Read more]

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    Come out and Support, tell a friend. Tickets are on sale at tickermaster.com.

    • =D

      • Thanks for the support by signing in as a member. I am finally home from a three year assigment in Afghanistan. Thanks again for the support and tell a friend.

    • I know you are glad to be home! I came back to south GA late February. Maybe I will get back over to the east when I get a few Networking Certifications under my belt. I think you know one of my previous coworkers.

  • Bigggee1 posted an update 8 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks everyone for your support and comments. I finally made it home from Afghanistan after three years of being gone and now it is time to spend that quality time with the family. I know it is hard to adjustment coming back to America as I have done over the last 20 years. Believe me; I understand the hardship more than most. It is definitely…[Read more]