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(Encourage your child to read, we do)

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The process of education has stopped because the amount of support has stopped (Family). With the numerous distractions placed in people lives and homes, education has become a tool for the wealthy. We have to change a child life through reading. How can we expect our children to become better if we are not encouraging our children to read.  Vision Of Veterans has design a program based on reading to become successful.


Sign Up Instructions


  • Sign into Vision Of Veterans Book Club (sign in name & password required).
  • Check out a book through your local library, school or store. IPad users can download from the internet (With enough participants, Vision of Veterans will partner with other book clubs, libraries, school, and other organizations for free downloads, checkouts, and free copies based on the type of book).
  • Limit four books per month per child.
  • First 25 children will be accepted into the program until additional funding is received.
  • Book must contain a minimum of 100 pages.
  • Each book has to be education based, knowledge based, spiritual based, or in good taste. No killing, demonic or destruction based books. To change the mind we have to change the thinking of the mind.
  • E-mail each book title to bookclub@visionofveterans.org.
  • Book titles are reviewed for contents by vision of veteran’s staff, so all criteria’s are met.
  • Once approved, an e-mail is forwarded to the participants to start reading.
  • Once the book is read the child submit a written report based on the contents read in the book. All written reports are read, analyzed, and checked for Plagiarism based on book contents. Please make report as legible as possible. Sorry no typed reports!!!!!!!!
  • Scan and e-mail the written report to bookclub@visionofveterans.org. (Local library, FedEx, UPS, Office Depot, post office, etc.).Once the report is received, our staff members will read the report and e-mail the individual with a phone number. The parent is required to call with the child for submission.
  • Once confirmation’s made, the child information is logged in with a star showing a book has been read and the title and author is logged into V.OV. book club data base (all company information is company base without internet access).
  • Vision Of Veterans Book Club personnel will submit the child name for a twenty (20) dollar Vision Of Veterans Gift Card to be sent to the child’s address after the second book is read. All gift cards are in the child s name and is rechargeable, so the card do not require re-issue.
  • Once the gift card is mailed, an e-mail is sent letting the individual know Vision Of Veterans Book Club has processed, mailed, and provided a tracking number to insure security of the individuals card.
  • The twenty dollars can be used for school supplies, lunch money, clothing, or anything that will improve a child situation based on his or her environment or financial status.
  • Support your child by helping them to read and Vision of Veterans will help you by taking some of the financial burden by giving support.


Encourage a child to read. Education is the key to a successful future.

Every book read is another open door!!!!!!!!!!