Support Services


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Because of the struggling economy, many situations arise were veterans find themselves in the need of assistance. Vision Of Veterans is initiating programs and coordinating with different agencies to provide services and assistance to those veterans needing additional help to overcome adversities in their lives. Here are some of the avenues of help.


A. Living Accommodations.

  1. Single and community living areas.
  2. 30,60,90, and 180 days accommodations based on veterans status.
  3. Apartment rental assistance for employed veterans.
  4. Partnering with local housing community for affordable living accommodation.


B. Community Center.

  1. Housing accommodations point of contact.
  2. Security controlled.
  3. 24 hour staff assistance.
  4. Signature sign-in and badge registration access.
  5. Veterans daily locker assistance (temporary controlled storage area for veterans).
  6. Computer access (emails, job search, computer assistance training, resume building, on-line application assistance, 30 minute time limit based on requirements).
  7. Address accommodation for homeless personnel, Provide mailing for homeless veterans mail accommodation (letters only), point of contact for phone and messages (business only).
  8. Financial assistance classes (4 classes, 2 days and 2 nights, 24 hour access).


C. Medical Assistance.

  1. Contact phone numbers to local VA facilities (Provide phone numbers and information about local Veterans Administrations facilities in their area).
  2. Provide assistance with medical paperwork given to veterans with disabilities and guidance with hard to understand forms.
  3. Collection of information from other veterans with the same disabilities or issues. Provide information based on success of process through state and local VA offices.


D. Education.

  1. Provide college information based on the school programs geared toward veterans and their families.
  2. Help with the process of filling out educational benefit forms, scholarship forms and other required forms for veteran’s educational benefits.
  3. Provide scholarship to veterans, up to 1,500.00 dollars based on qualifications.
  4. Aid with school supplies when needed.
  5. Assist with class scheduling based on curriculum when help is not available or delayed.
  6. Provide point of contact information for VA counselors and provide directions to local offices when needed.


E. Financial Assistance.

  1. Coordinate with mortgage companies, landlords, and a rental agent to assist veterans with rent payment when needed. A phone conference with veteran and rental agent or land lord is required to approve payment to rental or mortgage company.
  2. Food voucher program will assist veterans and their families with groceries. Veterans will contact Vision Of Veterans staff members to document their situation. A verification form will be sent to each veteran. Upon completion and validation of verification form, a food voucher is processed at the nearest grocery store or facility for food purchase.
  3. Clothing vouchers program requirements is based upon the needs of the veterans and their families. Verification is also required upon the approval of this assistance. Once all approvals have been verified a voucher or gift certificate will be sent to the veterans to purchase clothing.