Q: How may I know if I qualify for Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit?

A: If you are a Veteran, both you and your spouse may qualify under the Veterans Aid and Attendance program provided through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit was created by the VA almost 60 years ago and, historically, is not readily known or understood by veterans and their family. For more detailed information click here.

Q: Is there a source that connect veterans and their dependents to financial aid information and resources for college?

A: Following are some links related to financial aid:

Q: How can You help Aging VETS?

A: Following are some links related to information about Aging Vets:

 Q:  Is there a site veterans can access to update all of his or her military information as well as register for VA benefits?

A: Yes, E-benefits. https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/homepage.

 Q: Are there websites available veterans can use to research educational programs for themselves and their family members?

A: Yes, use the following links for more information.

– Post 9/11 GI Bill. http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/

– Military Education Benefits and Programs Guide. http://www.usnewsuniversitydirectory.com/military-education-resources

– American Legion Veterans Education Center. http://www.legion.org/education

– Military Child Education Coalition. http://www.militarychild.org

Financial Aid for Veterans & Dependents: https://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/financial-aid-scholarships-for-veterans/

GI Benefits & Transfer of Benefits: https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/maximize-gi-bill-benefits/

– Paying for Graduate School: Military Veterans.

This guide helps veterans find financial support for graduate school. It has details of over 70 scholarships for vets and their families, and many other resources to help them find further financial aid. There’s also a helpful checklist for them to go through when applying and an explanation about cover from the GI Bill.



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