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Our veteran has given so much to support or country; our hearts goes out to them. There is a support element the country has neglected that requires support as well. “The family”, how do they fit into this equation? How does the family member, friend, or significant other find the support required to assist them with the veterans that have been through life hardest battle (war)? Special attention is required and the families are not always equipped to handle a majority of the problems related to PTSD and other mental disorders associated with conflicts. There are voices crying in the dark and no one hears them. W.H.Y. has heard your cry.


  • This program is design for supporters of our most valued possession, our veterans.
  • The spouse or supporter of our veterans needs special training as well as a network to help when their soul mate return from battle or a deployment.
  • When trouble arises such as emotional issues, domestic violence, death threats, verbal or spousal abuse, or any problem associated with PTSD, these family members need assistance.
  • Points of contacts, VA hotline, police department, battered women shelters, domestic violence shelters i.e. safe houses.
  • Temporarily, W.H.Y. is establishing a call center to assist in the immediate help of our veterans supporters.
  • W.H.Y. personnel will begin research in different areas based on calls received.
  • Our team consists of Veterans, Teachers, Spiritual leaders, as well as specialized personnel in counselling.
  • W.H.Y. is establishing a full time 24 hour call center for all veteran supporters, because help is needed well after business hours.
  • Inspirational Help Ministries.
  • Battered women shelters contact support.
  • 911 assistance (relay information).
  • Temporary housing assistance (hotel, motel, etc.).
  • Help in the establishment of support through Vision Of Veterans.