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Housing and Urban Development
Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program

HUD-VASH is a cooperative partnership between HUD and VA to help veterans and their families move out of homelessness. Primary to this program is VA case management and supportive services, designed to improve the veteran’s ability to effectively function in the community and maintain their independent housing. Veterans admitted to HUD-VAS will receive a HUD “Housing Choice” Section 8 voucher to obtain safe, decent, independent housing, which is affiliated to the veteran’s participation in VA case management supportive services.

Veterans that may benefit from this program are veterans who:

  • Are experiencing homelessness, and

  • ?Are eligible for VA health care, and

  • Have an identified need for case management and agree to participate in supportive recovery program, and

  • ?Who also meet HUD income and US citizenship guidelines.


Who is this program designed to serve:

  • Chronically homeless Veterans and their families
  • Veterans who need supportive services to maintain independent housing, including:
    • Homeless Veterans with children
    • Homeless Women Veterans
    • Homeless OIF/OEF Veterans
    • Homeless Veterans with a disability


Referrals: Referrals to HUD-VASH can be made by both VA and community providers. The VA case manager, with support from Mental Health and/or other local medical center programs, accept applicants for the program. Ideally, the veteran will have an established relationship with a VA clinician or program. Admission to the program must be completed by HUD-VASH VA Clinician.

Contact Information:

Tammy C. Davidson, LCSW / HUD-VASH Coordinator
Phone: (334)-727-0550 or (800) 214-8387 x 3805