Vision of Veterans Supporters


Name of Organization Donators/ Type Amount($) Specific Program Requested
Vision Of Veterans (Owner)  Start-up Cost 85,300.00 Company Start-UP/Housing
George Watford Biweekly 1,270.00 All Programs
Ponda Watford   Monthly 50.00 All Programs 
 George Watford JR.  Biweekly  50.00 All Programs 
 A Desire So Strong Ministries  Biweekly 1,650.00  All Programs
 Derrick Crockford OTD (One time donation) 


 All Programs
 William Pinkus  OTD  500.00  All Programs
Michael Dyer  OTD  500.00  All Programs
Rodney Johnson OTD 500.00  All Programs
Robert Matern OTD 500.00  All Programs
Brunson Sanders OTD 1500.00  All Programs
William Michael OTD 2,500.00 All Programs
William Michael   Biweekly 25.00  All Programs
TOTAL   94,545.00  


* All donations are processed  through Vision Of Veterans Support Services (501C3 tax deductable)