Chapter 6 – Make A Joyful Noise


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A Desire So Strong

Chapter 6 – Make A Joyful Noise


Why was the copier invented? Marie thought. Although the Lord had said it long ago, it still gave Marie a chuckle when she thought about it. “Good one Lord. That was a good one” she said out loud in between her laughter. She laughed even harder imagining the expression on Kira’s face and no doubt her annoyance at Marie: “No one,” rip, “will ever know,” tear,
“‘bout this one,” crumple, “Mother Dearest!”
         “Lord, where’s that girl’s real mother?” Marie asked laughing as she drifted back from her memory.
         “Marie, remember this: Kira is a part of ‘a desire so strong—the desire you’d had since you were a child” the Lord answered, laughing with Marie. “You do remember the deep longing for not just the husband but the children too, don’t you?” He asked.
         “You’re absolutely right Lord. I never looked at it that way. Maybe if you’d said that to me during the years when she was provoking another desire within me, it would have been a little easier to handle. Now that she’s grown and gone,
I delightfully wear her out with the Oh-but-no-Sweetie-you wanted- to-be-grown-remember line. Boy that bites her butt.
God yes! And though she’s grown, she still does that little girl thing: ‘Ah man, here you go. Bye Ma,’ click. She’ll hang right up on me Lord. Oh, that’s right—you’re there laughing right along with me.”
         “Yes, Lord?”
         “You know folk think you’re crazy right?”
         “Just thought I’d mention it.”
         Marie heard God laugh hard. “What’s funny Lord?” she asked laughing because God was laughing. After a few seconds, the Lord said, “Marie, have you ever taken the time to think about the many times people have called you and said, ‘I called you because I knew you would make me laugh’? Or thought on the ones who come to you on the job and say, ‘I knew you’d make me laugh’? How about the ones who have said, ‘I heard you laughing and knew you were here, so I came over’?
         “Well no, Lord, I’ve not paid it a lot of attention until now.
What’s up?”
         “I want to let you know that I too enjoy the way you make me laugh.”
         “Lord, don’t go getting all mushy on me now—say what?” She asked a bit surprised.
         “I enjoy the way you make me laugh. Somewhere in your memories are times when both Montrell and Kira have said and done things that made you laugh. You stored those memories so you could share with them as they grew older.”
         “Oh, Lord, “Marie wailed, “what in the world is recorded on me in other people’s memories?”
         “Wouldn’t you like to know Marie?”
         “You know Lord, folk would look at this fellowship, this relationship we have, and say you and I have fun all the time—that all we do is cut up. They don’t know about those times when you are whipping up on me.”
         “Marie! You can’t be telling people that I whip up on you.”
         “Why not God? You know it’s true.”
         “Yes, Marie, if you want to define chastisement as me, quote, whipping up on you, unquote, then I am guilty. Just know, as it says in Hebrews, that ‘for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.’”
         “And what a good job of chastening you do. Ouch. So Lord, getting back to this laugh thing—what are you saying, that I’m like the movies where they bring the jester before the king to make him laugh, to entertain him?”
         “Marie, you said that now.”
         “I’m not offended Lord, believe me. Shucks, I’ll dance for you too. I remember many years ago, what, about twenty years or so, I’d be in the kitchen in that raggedy house cooking and you’d ask me to sing you a song. I remember how taken aback I was when you showed me one day, a smeared vision
I’ll call it, where you were sitting down with your head laid back and your fingers drumming as I sang you a song. You talking about somebody being moved from within—Lord I was messed up!”
         “I was also Marie. There’s just something about a love song isn’t there?”
         “Sure is Lord—sure is. You remember the song the Winans did some years ago called ‘Everything You Touch is a Song’?
Lord those boys said a powerful thing about you, and as a matter of fact, I’m going to put that on right now.”
         Because she was old fashioned, Marie still had all her albums, 33s, and a record player. After a few minutes of digging, Marie found the “Live in Concert at Carnegie Hall” album and listened to those boys put it down at least three times in a row.
         “Question Lord,” Marie said after coming back to her journal.
         “Ask Marie.”
“What are you doing? You’ve set me up for something. What?”
         “Oh, yes, Marie—I see you’re really learning how I work. You’re absolutely correct. I want to discuss with you a few verses of the 100th Psalm, and I’d like you to call your reflection “Make a Joyful Noise: Cause an Erection!”
         “All right Lord—you’re the Boss. This is a very interesting title. I hope this is something for me personally because if I walked in somebody’s church and took this title as the sermon topic, they’d do me like Shirley Caesars’ shouting John. They’ll put me out of the church!”
         Marie made herself as comfortable as possible to receive from the Lord. As always, she couldn’t help but feel honored and blessed that He’d made her His scribe. She smiled as she thought about the biblical days when scribes were instituted to keep accounts of things both said and done. Marie laughed thinking, “There is nothing new under the sun. Folk may be given titles like secretary or clerk, but the truth is that they are all scribes.”
         “Okay, Lord, I’m ready.” She found the Psalm in her bible and began reading it aloud. Oh, how her spirit leaped within.
Even as she recorded the first line in her journal, her spirit surged. “I somehow know Lord,” she said, “that I’ll never look at this passage the same as I did before.” 

            Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness:
           come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is
           he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his
           pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be
           thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting;
           and his truth endureth to all generations. (Psalm 100:1-5) 

          She finished recording the Psalm and waited for the Lord to begin the session. “Let’s personalize this Marie by saying ‘Make a joyful noise all my peoples.’” After a moment, He added, “What is a noise?”
         “Lord, the dictionary defines noise as ‘1. sound of any kind; 2. loud shouting or clamor; 3. an electric disturbance in a communications system that interferes with reception of a signal.’”
         She’d learned years ago that when someone sat at God’s feet, God didn’t do all the talking. She’d have to have ready a dictionary, bibles, pens of various colors, and rulers. And that was just the beginning of the list. Yes, the Lord does and would make her work.
         “Define the word joyful, Marie.”
         Turning the pages of the dictionary to the word joyful she began, “It is defined, Lord as ‘1. full of joy, glad, delighted; 2. showing or expressing joy.’”
         “Define joy, Marie.”
         “It is defined, Lord, as ‘1. a feeling or state of great delight or happiness, keen pleasure, elation; 2. a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; 3. the expression or display of glad feeling, gaiety.’”
         “Marie, David said, ‘Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.’ I define a joyful noise as glad sounds; delightful sounds; sincere heart-felt sounds such as praise, worship, voiced gratitude, and heart-felt thankfulness; noises that I can hear or relate to that move me; noises that will get my attention; noises that will cause me to become erect. Erect is a powerful word Marie—look it up.”
         “Erect is defined as ‘1. to set up, cause to arise; 2. to set in an upright position, raise; 3. to stand up or out; 4. to elevate.’”
         “Write the physiological definition, Marie. The one that you intentionally avoided. And I’ll show you a truth,” the Lord instructed through His laughter.
         Marie laughed because she did intentionally pass over the physiological definition. She had been feeling uncomfortable and thinking that there was no way the Lord would want that particular definition—not God—how could He. “The physiological definition of erect Lord is ‘1. to cause to become swollen and rigid by being filled with blood.’”
         “So again, Marie, a joyful noise is a sound that will move me; a sound that I can hear; a sound that will get my attention; a sound that causes a response in me; a sound that causes me to become erect. Erect in the physiological sense as you noted means to become swollen, enlarged, or rigid by being filled with—keep in mind, filled with—something. In this sense, physiologically, we’re talking about blood. What causes a physical erection Marie?”
         Marie slapped her hand on her forehead and held her head down. She was thoroughly embarrassed now. “Lord, tell me you didn’t just ask me about a physical erection” she said shaking her hanging head in disbelief.
         “Now you’re asking me to tell lies Marie,” God said teasingly. “How could you? We’re not babies here Marie, and don’t be embarrassed. Besides, you’ve been there before. Ha!”
         Marie laughed. “I can’t believe you went there God. I can’t believe you’re taking me here.” She said continuing to shake her head. “Okay—stimulation and excitement Lord, causes an erection. Stimulate means ‘to rouse to action or effort’; excite means ‘to rouse or stir up the emotion or feelings of, to awaken’; and the physiological definition of excite is ‘to stimulate.’”
         “Thanks, Marie. So then, excitement brings about stimulation, and stimulation brings what is called an erection—correct Marie?”
         “Yes, Lord. Okay?”
“Marie, you were embarrassed that I asked what causes an erection. Be thankful that I didn’t ask specifically what you’ve done personally to cause one.” God laughed.
         “Ah, man, here you go” she said laughing.
         “The question now is: How does one stimulate God?” He continued. “What things stimulate and rouse me and cause me to stand up, to arise? Here is a small list of just a few things Marie: repentance, worship, service, obedience, praise, faith, perseverance, quiet time. The list could go on and on. Just as there are many different ways in the physical to stimulate, to rouse, to excite, so there are many different ways with me to bring about this action. Love, Marie, should be the motivating agent, the stimulant or stimulus inciting or provoking the erection—not lust or greed.
         A joyful noise unto me is that which will move me, cause me to arise, cause me to become swollen with, filled with, strong emotions so much so that I react—I reciprocate. This kind of sound will keep me always looking at you and to you; this kind of noise will increase my mindfulness of you; this kind of noise will have me always tapping you on the shoulder. This kind of noise will have me always anticipating our quiet time together. This kind of noise will keep me messing with you all day and keeping you up half the night if not all night long.”
         Marie listened thoughtfully. “Many people can make noise. In fact, Marie, everybody can make noise in one form or another, but not everyone makes the noise that moves me. People can make a noise that will cause a neighbor to react or respond, a noise that can cause children to respond or react, a noise that will cause a husband or wife to react or respond. But what about a noise that will cause me to respond? A noise that will keep me kissing around your neck, continuously touching you, consistently wanting to be around you? A noise that keeps me calling your name and doing things for you?
         One of the definitions of noise you wrote defined it as an electrical disturbance in a communication system that interferes with reception of a signal. Let me show you in my word what that definition is describing. Go with me into the book of Luke. Find the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector. Record it.” Marie busied herself finding the story which also gave her a chance to stretch her fingers. Finding it in Luke18:10-14; she recorded: 

            Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee and the other
            a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God I thank
            thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even
            as this publican. I fast twice in the week. I give tithes of all that I possess.
            And the publican, standing afar off would not lift up so much as his eyes unto
             heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.
            I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for
             everyone that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself
            shall be exalted.

          “The Pharisee made a noise, but it didn’t move me, erect me, stimulate me, nor rouse me. There was a disturbance in his system that interfered with him getting a signal. Pride, Marie. Self-exaltation was the disturbance that prohibited him from making contact. The sadder thing about him not making contact Marie is this: This Pharisee was so caught up in his pride and his self-exaltation that he was blind. He was blind to the fact that before he came I already knew what he did and did not do. I was already aware of his material possessions and what he did or did not do with those possessions. He was blinded to the fact that although he named the sins of others, he couldn’t see his own sins. In this, he sinned more than in those he named. An extortionist knows that what he’s doing is wrong. The same is true for the unjust and the adulterers. This is why they sneak in the dark and hide behind their titles and positions of power.”
          God continued, “I knew how this Pharisee used religion to showcase his actions and try to gain favor with me. If this Pharisee moved me, it would have been a move toward indignation. There was a disturbance in his communication system that needed major repair in order for him to get a receptive signal. Better still, Marie, he needed a new system. One other thing is that this Pharisee left the temple not even knowing that he wasn’t heard—not knowing that he’d wasted his time, his energy, his words. He was blind to who I am, the Almighty, and didn’t have a clue to what pleases me. Evidently, his time in my presence was intended for himself and not me because when I am in communion with my people,
I reveal myself. I pour from myself. I intentionally stimulate and excite them to keep them coming back for more. It is even as you have said many times to me, Marie, in chastisement and corrections, I still stimulate and excite. Marie?”
         “Yes, Lord?”
         “The only reason some people will think you crazy when we began to give an open view of our relationship in part is because their time in my presence is their time and not mine. It also has to do with the strength of their desire to know me in deeper ways. Oh, to have a desire so strong. To you this will become evident Marie.
         Let me, Marie, take this topic to yet another truth. Every woman doesn’t stir up an emotion, rouse, or stimulate every man and vice versa. There are some women who may cause a man to be curious, yet even in this, that curiosity will not spark in him what the knowledge of what he actually has known will. In other words Marie, a man may wonder how the woman kisses, how the woman responds, how the woman feels, but all he’ll have is a curiosity. And if that man fantasizes about that woman, in his mind he may see the image of that woman, but the actions he sees are those of a woman he has experienced before. It is only when he thinks about the woman he has experienced, that he’ll have an emotional desire, a longing, a yearning, an erection. It wasn’t the unknown woman who brought about the erection, Marie; it was the memories of a prior experience or experiences that incited the erection.”
         Marie continued to listen and write as God spoke to her. “Just as every woman—and women are many—doesn’t stimulate every man and vice versa, every noise doesn’t—as I have said and shown—stimulate, rouse, and/or erect me.
Every noise coming from my people, or those professing to be my people, doesn’t always spark an emotion of joyful pleasure in me. There are noises that I’ll ignore. It’s not that I didn’t hear the noise; I simply chose not to respond or act upon it. The noise will not even spark a curiosity.
         Such noises, like those of the Pharisee, are those that are filled with pride, deception, selfishness, greed and lust, vain glory and malice, and strife. Such, noises, and trust me, they are many, get no response from me. A joyful noise isn’t a sound that has to be coerced, pumped, begged for, or forced. A sane man, Marie, doesn’t find pleasure in forced intimacy—intimacy that he has to beg for. Sometimes out of need, he will engage himself; out of desire, he will engage himself without experiencing the ultimate pleasure that comes with willingness—the pleasure that derives from being desired just as he desires.
         When a spouse has to manipulate, beg, or force the other, he or she will turn his or her attention to where a joyful noise can be heard. Wherever the joyful noise is made, that’s where he or she will want to be, where he or she will give of his or her treasures: body, finances, time, and affections.
         When a joyful noise is made, you can get what you want from me and most of the time without even asking. One key point about a joyful noise is that it should not be made for your pleasure but rather for mine. If running your fingers through my hair causes me to become filled, then the only thing you should want to ask for is a thousand more fingers.” Marie laughed as she imagined quickly two hands with five hundred fingers on each.
         “My people should want to make me happy simply because of who I am not because of what they can get” the Lord said continuing on with His thoughts.“Knowing who I am is imperative. Some simply know of me and about me through what the preacher has said, through what the minister, evangelist, mother, deacon, or others have said. To them, knowing me personally is an absolute no-no.
         Often, many actions performed in the name of worship and fellowship are mechanical in nature or done because of tradition. The hearts behind the actions in truth are very far away. And rather than worshiping because of want and desire, they worship because of routine. This robs their lives and their church of the intimate power of worship. Worship and fellowship with me should not be limited to the building three times a week. It should abound continuously wherever the physical body is: work, rest, and play. As the Word of Jesus reveals, I am Spirit, and they that worship me must do so and can do so in spirit and in truth.
         When a couple meets, they begin doing things together, going places, and spending time together. Emotions began to grow. They become attached. Their minds, hearts, even bodies become connected. They find themselves thinking about each other more than a minute each day. They find their minds thinking about the very same things even though they are miles or minutes apart—whether it is the love making or the walks they’ve enjoyed or conversations they’ve shared. A yearning, a desire to have that moment or similar moments is ignited from the memories of shared experiences. Sometimes, that triggered desire can become so strong that one or both of them will look for ways to make that togetherness possible again. One of them will delay or cancel an important meeting to be with the other. The other will leave work early. Someone will miss a day of work completely. There are numerous things people will do and have done to have special moments with special people.
         Being with me, attached to me, caught up in me, tied up in me, tangled all up in me through fellowship will yield an individual who reacts the very same way if only he or she desires to do so. When a joyful noise is made unto me, one would be amazed at the joyful noises I make.”
         Minutes of silence passed. Everything was still. Marie set her journal aside and replayed in her mind some of the things God had spoken to her. Suddenly, she felt the presence of God around her. Without uttering a word, she began to worship the Lord. The more she thanked Him in her heart, the fiercer His presence became. She could hear voices worshipping in unison, harmoniously. In her mind’s eye she saw a faded but visible form which grew larger and more defined as the praises intensified until, like the curtains drawn at the end of a play, the vision was gone, and the voices faded into silence.
         Like many events and moments in her life, Marie stored the memory so she could revisit it from time to time. She’d fellowshipped with her God long enough to know that He would share no more from the Psalms at this time. She knew Him well enough to know that He wanted to be alone with His thoughts, to bask in the emotions that had Him so filled. Marie herself was full. She was overwhelmed with gratitude—thankful that she was able to accommodate and serve with gladness the purpose for which she was created, to bring glory to God.
         Marie hadn’t realized how tired she was until she began storing her pens and books. She checked the time, shocked to see that it was 3 p.m. She hadn’t rested since 4 p.m. the day before. It honestly didn’t bother her because it was her off day so she could get to bed soon and get a good night’s rest. Thinking on the things she’d planned for that day, she smiled, saying within herself, many are the plans in the heart of a man, but the Lord has the last say so. She smiled thinking on the time she and God shared, thinking of how there is no one in the world like Him or anywhere else for that matter. “Thank you Lord, for choosing to love me” she whispered. Feeling the anointing on the right side of her face, she took that to mean from her God, “You’re welcome.” Suddenly overcome with exhaustion, Marie turned back the covers of her bed and prepared to rest with her God. As her head hit the pillow she heard, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters . . .” (Psalm 23:1-2). 


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